What Is Luck?

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You know, because this has such a universal name in a feeling, I thought I’d write a “little treat” for my own readers. A treat that explains an often misunderstood aspect of reality which seems to occur by chance, but actually occurs by consciousness. I am going to explain the realities of fortune and earning effort. I heave heard of luck defined as preparation meeting opportunity, I concur with this. But, what I do not agree with is the making of luck appearing like an outer force outside of ourselves and our comprehension of reality. Sure, people have unfortunate and fortunate things happen to them, I will not deny that, however, to an extent our realities are created through our attempts clear and not obvious.

In a sense, I do agree with the functions of Rhonda Byrne on “Titusville Raccoon Removal“, but a few elements are missing: Such as the individual growth of consciousness and reality before thoughts become things and not simply thoughts becoming things instantly. Truth is what we make it through our general consciousness really simply, sure. But, it must be developed in a patient, understanding and tolerant way realistically even if the progression to these realities is fast or slow.

Really, we create real lasting fortune and fortune, genuine lasting fortune and luck does not create us. Why do you think lottery winnings without a consciousness behind them are spent and lost so fast or those who have it “too good” sometimes mess up so bad. We have to develop the consciousness behind the fortune for the fortune to last really.

Indeed, to put it mildly, luck is a deliberate fact we create within ourselves, not something that only happens to us “luckily” to place a logical spin on words that shows the reality of situations. Indeed, there is not any such thing as a “born loser” or a “born winner”. We are all developed from inside ourselves to be what we are. Simple or Complex, this is the real and honest truth about it all and it might appear slow, and drudgery to some, fast liberating from depending on outside forces to others, but make not a single error. I know it applies to all in life, everything and existence. Winner or loser is a fact in our spirits, souls, and minds, no less and not any more. We genuinely are what we make ourselves to be through our consciousness.

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